The right production process for your requirements

The use of steel as a material offers a wide variety of applications. Thanks to cutting-edge production processes we can therefore ensure the greatest possible benefit for you.

Steel processing

Regardless of whether we are manufacturing a standard or custom product, we use only high-quality steel grades for our steel poles. The technology we use will depend on requirements and area of application: Processes like laser welding and hot dip galvanising, and specially developed machines for special-purpose production, guarantee an optimum result. Production with low energy requirements and reduced CO2 emissions is both environmentally compatible and resource-saving.

Corrosion-resistant and strong

Poles made of galvanised steel are largely corrosion-resistant and resistant to dirt and vandalism. Thanks to their low vibration characteristics they are also very strong. This makes them durable and reduces costs for maintenance and premature replacement.

Attractive design

The shape of steel poles can be adapted to individual preferences and they can be fitted with additional supports or beams. Uniform wall thicknesses ensure that the pole attachments will be an exact fit, avoiding costs for rework. The large selection of surface colours and patterns allows the poles to blend harmoniously with virtually any surroundings. Coatings and finishes ensure that the poles retain their attractive visual appearance.

Efficient use of resources

Steel poles do not need additional protection for transport, so there is no need for packaging material. This increases the effective load volume for transport and therefore reduces freight costs.

Hybrid combinations

Depending on requirements and customer preferences, a combination of steel and FRP with all their properties can offer an ideal solution. Hybrid combinations offer an opportunity to combine the benefits of the various materials.


Functionality and design - our special coating processes mean that you can give your poles an attractive finish or adapt them to special conditions. There are no limitations to your design preferences.

Visually appealing and environmentally compatible surfaces especially for steel and aluminium finishes

Whether structural steel elements, furniture or lighting products, heating modules or household appliances, our powder coatings enhance steel and aluminium finishes. The benefits: Resistant to mechanical loads, weathering and corrosion - combined with extensive scope of design thanks to wide range of colours and special effect finishes.

Clean surfaces without posters and graffiti

Protect your poles from unwelcome posters, stickers and graffiti. Our special anti-poster and anti-graffiti coatings improve the look of urban environments. Once applied, the liquid anti-poster coating system ensures that nothing can stick to the poles. The coating does not impair the look of the surface. Thanks to its homogeneous surface, the anti-graffiti system (powder or wet coating) ensures that any paint used for graffiti cannot penetrate the pole material. This means that graffiti can easily be removed with simple cleaning systems. We can apply both of these special coatings directly on site.



Imaginative and unique surfaces according to your preferences

We can design your poles according to your requirements using our special printing technology. Wood patterns on concrete substrate, marbling on steel, exotic zebra stripes on plastic surfaces or luxurious marble patterns instead of galvanised light poles – our ingenious surface finish process allows us to print on any conceivable substrate.

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