Overhead transmission poles

The right pole for every voltage level

Our product range for overhead power transmission comprises poles for voltage levels from low to medium voltage. Our focus is on innovative solutions such as concrete-free foundations and optimised designs. In this context we exploit our wealth of material expertise in steelFRP and hybrid designs. We can supply standard or custom solutions to meet your requirements.

Poles for low and medium voltage

For low and medium voltage we offer conventional pole systems and wooden pole replacements with concrete-free foundations.

Conventional pole systems

Our range of conventional pole systems for low and medium voltages comprises all types of poles in the necessary lengths and horizontal design loads. This means that we can offer all the combinations usually available on the market from single to double-circuit lines. Accordingly, we can offer carrier poles, dead-end towers, branch pylons, terminal poles and poles for transformer stations quickly and easily.

Concrete-free foundation (wooden pole replacement)

Our concrete-free foundations offer an economic and durable product to replace wooden poles. We produce wooden pole replacements depending on application in various materials and to country-specific standards.
The modular system we have developed contains the load stages 3 kN, 4.5 kN, 7 kN and 11 kN, so all wooden pole types (carrier poles, strutted poles and A-types) can be readily replaced.

Overhead transmission poles