Lighting poles

The right pole for every lighting application

We offer a very comprehensive range of lighting poles. Not only do you have the choice between lighting poles in steel or FRP, you can also opt for different tapers, wall thickness, steel grades and designs. We produce standard poles and custom solutions to suit your requirements - both are available in premium quality and in compliance with current standards. In addition, we offer a large range of accessories for your pole.
Furthermore we offer lighting poles specially designed for the high safety requirements of road traffic - the ProTec poles.

ProTec Poles

Tecpoles ProTec poles afford maximum passive road safety. Because the Tecpoles ProTec pole is a lighting pole whose special impact characteristics can be exploited to reduce risk in some road traffic scenarios.

Maximum passive safety

Unlike traditional lighting poles the ProTec pole absorbs energy from a collision with a vehicle and thanks to its special buckling characteristics acts like a kind of safety net (known as deformed capture) that slows the vehicle down in a controlled manner to a non-critical speed. The vehicle does not get stuck on the pole and does not skid.

Tecpoles ProTec poles are highest possible certified to DIN 12767.

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Standard lighting poles

Our standard lighting poles for outdoor use come in various designs. All lighting poles from our standard range are fitted with flush doors and are hot-dip galvanised to DIN 1461, which gives them optimum protection against corrosion. The poles can be individually structurally and technically dimensioned to suit the specific installation location. Detailed information and data sheets on our standard lighting poles are available from our online shop.

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Tapered lighting poles

We use laser welding and submerged arc welding processes to produce our tapered steel lighting poles. Tapered lighting poles are available in a minimum steel quality of S235 JR from wall thicknesses of as little as 2 mm. The tapered pole can be round or polygonal.

Cylindrically stepped lighting poles

Cylindrically stepped lighting poles are welded all over from two or more steel tubes. The transitions are tapered. We use all commercially available standard steel tubes.

Tapered floodlighting poles

Tapered floodlighting poles for illuminating large areas are produced in several sections that are connected using a pole insertion joint. You can also add optional detachable climbing rungs to your tapered floodlighting pole.

Poles with circular curved brackets

These poles are available as tapered or cylindrical designs with a curved bracket. The bracket shape can be oval, parabolic, circular single or double curved.

Custom lighting poles

Design your lighting poles according to your individual requirements and preferences and we will produce them for you. You have an unlimited range of options in respect of material, look, surface, design and technical requirements.


We offer a large range of accessories for optimised customisation and finishing of our lighting poles. Enhance your pole solution with accessories such as cross beams and attachments and many more. Detailed information and data sheets on our accessories are available from our online shop.

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Cross beams

Cross beams allow you to attach floodlights and other technology components directly to the pole.


Brackets allow you to attach lights and other technology components directly to the pole.


Choose from a wide range of accessories and supplementary products to support installation, corrosion protection and pole connection.

Lighting poles