Catenary poles

Carrier systems for urban mass transit

Our product range for catenary systems comprises pole solutions for urban mass transit services. We use steel for the complete range of standardised poles and custom-designed products.

Catenary poles for urban mass transit

In densely populated urban environments, public transport is becoming more and more important. For use in towns and cities we can offer standard catenary poles as well as customised special solutions according to your requirements - including all necessary services.

Standard and custom solutions

For steel as a material you have nearly unlimited choice of shapes and colours. Unusual shapes, special colours or surface structures can be realised, as well as poles with multiple functions. Not only does this allow you to integrate visually appealing and cost-effective catenary solutions into your cityscape; our space-saving complete solutions consisting of slender, reduced-diameter poles and foundations mean that even the cramped conditions of the urban environment are not a problem.

Fastening technology

We offer various options for fastening add-on components such as cantilevers or tensioning devices. Proven tightening strap systems or wire loops are supplied as standard. Brackets and clips can be used for fastening.

Catenary poles